High-Level COBOL (HLC) for ICL VME

Level 2 Report Writer (RW2)

•  can take input from all COBOL-accessible data bases !

•  full-function COBOL 2000 features, including:
  ••   dynamic tables
  ••   conditional formatting of fields and lines
  ••   variable-length report fields

•  single-step precompilation and compilation


•  single-step validation of
  ••   data records of unlimited size
  ••   at three levels of checking
•  automatic de-edit and storage is target fields
•  user-specified comprehensive error messages

•  table-handling

•  unpacks variable-length data

•  usable used in any COBOL program or TP module

Structured COBOL

•  adds structured procedural syntax (END-IF, in-line PERFORM, EVALUATE) to COBOL '74 features

Minimum Level for Year 2000 Compliance: 7.1, mod 5
but for VALIDATE and/or Structured COBOL alone, any current level is compliant

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