Level 2 Report Writer (RW2) for z/OS and OS/390

The perfect migration path from OS/VS COBOL that keeps your investment in code

The perfect in-built COBOL tool for all your prints

Solve the last Compatibility Problem
code your extra Year 2000 prints within the original COBOL
finish your other delayed projects rapidly!

Principal Features:

•  upwards compatibility with OS/VS COBOL

•  can take input from all COBOL-accessible data bases !

•  full-function COBOL 2000 features, including:
  ••   dynamic tables
  ••   conditional formatting of fields and lines
  ••   variable-length report fields

•  invoked automatically by the IBM Enterprise COBOL compiler

New Release 3.90, May 1 2013, requires z/OS 1.9 or above and IBM Enterprise COBOL 4.x or 5.1.

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