SPC Systems are determined to keep only the minimum data that you require us to keep under Data Protection rules and to keep that data safe.

The European Union's General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018 but SPC Systems has for some time followed or exceeded the guidelines issued under these regulations.

Registered Users

If - and only if - you are a registered user of SPC products, we will keep on our Customer File, where known, the following data for your user site:

  Mailing address of your technical support site.
  Switchboard telephone number of your technical support site.
  Name, telephone number and email of the technical support contact person.

  Mailing address of your admin site.
  Switchboard telephone number of your admin site.
  Name, telephone number and email of the admin contact person.
  Name, telephone number and email of the billing contact person.

Data Security and Non-Disclosure

We hold your data on a single small system, plus one off-line backup. The files are double virus/hacker protected (up-to-date Windows 10 and an independent internet security package.) The files are also physically protected within the office environment.

IBM are marketers of our software and they provide the license for it. We would occasionally pass the details, as listed above, of one individual to your IBM technical or marketing representative, as a result of a technical or marketing query, where you require IBM to be kept informed.
There are no other circumstances where we share your data with any other organisation, either explicitly or implicitly.

Contact Us

If we contact you but you consider that should not be a contact person liaising with SPC Systems in any capacity, please contact us as below and we will delete all your data overnight.

  email for billing or admin: accounts@spc-systems.com
  email for technical support: support@spc-systems.com
  telephone for all issues: (+44)(0)7969-318-205
      we can call you back if you so request by email.