On-line bookshelf

This bookshelf contains a copy of each of the current IBM® COBOL Report Writer Publications:

SC26-4301-03: Programmer's Manual

SC26-4302-03: Installation and Operation for IBM OS/390 (including z/OS) and VM

SC26-4864-00: Installation and Operation for IBM VSE

You need to unzip the files before use.
Once installed, the books can be read via Acrobat® reader, or using Bookmanager® on TSO or VM or on your PC. In the last case, you must have a recent version of the IBM 'Library Reader' software, e.g. BookManager Library Reader for Windows 2.0.2, (Product 5799-PXY), available from an
IBM website. Full instructions will be found in the README.TXT file.

Download Bookshelf in PDF format

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